Hand Clap (Frappez des mains comme ça)

Roland Bibeau

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Hand Clap (Frappez des mains comme ça)

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Adaptation/translation of a great English song to French. Trying to make learning French in schools a little more fun for students. Many students and teachers know this song and enjoy it, now, hopefully, ils aimeront cette chanson en français!

Roland Bibeau has been writing and performing English music for children and their families for the past 20 years. To make a long story short, one day he met French singer song-writer Etienne, started using the French language he had learned as a child and is now able to put on French concerts. With songs from Roland Bibeau’s CD releases: ”Aimez-vous la musique?” and “La cloche a sonné”, along with Etienne/Roland Bibeau collaboration CDs: “Français! Français!’’ and “Chantons les classiques”, shows can be customized to suit all grades K to 8. Roland has performed at many schools throughout Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver.

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