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Roland (Beebo) Bibeau: Buy

La cloche a sonné - Album

New original French music written, performed and recorded by Roland Bibeau for students learning French in school. Some Rock & some Roll, some fast, some slow. (Aussi si vous aimez la bonne musique française) Allons-y. Écoutez la musique. C'est fantastique! I have to say!!!

buy at with confidence is a safe and reliable way to purchase my music. Love the site myself. Search Roland Bibeau for French music and Beebo for English.

Francais! Francais! CD-Étienne/Roland(Beebo)Bibeau. Buy on iTunes,, .... - CD

Collaboration between two talented performers, Étienne and Roland(Beebo)Bibeau.
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Etienne & Roland(Beebo)Bibeau: Francais! Francais!
Etienne & Roland(Beebo)Bibeau: Francais! Francais!

Aimez-vous la musique - CD

First French CD for young children and families by Beebo.
Beebo: Aimez-vous La Musique?

Another Bunch of Songs - CD

Beebo: Another Bunch of Songs


Beebo: It